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Since 1996, we have provided consulting and engineering services in Illinois and Iowa.  We provide inspections through the Illinois Broadcasters Association's (IBA) - Alternative Broadcast Inspection Program (ABIP).  Non IBA members can receive the same inspection without the FCC compliance certificate from the IBA.  Our services are reasonably priced and include re-organizing the public inspection files in proper order. We accept payments for services and also barter is available for some non-profit stations.  For more information how we can help your station to satisfy compliance contact us today.


In 1998, We began to provide computer service in the tri-state area. With our experience in repairs, upgrades, networking and sales of new peripherals, React2u Computers has many satisfied customers.  Check out our computer page for a list of in stock items and prices.  With several wholesale vendors within our buying circle; we can competitively offer prices better than the big box stores.  Before you buy anything check with us for all your computer and electronic needs.


In 2000 we started selling at ham radio flea markets (Hamfests), in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa and Missouri.  We offer customized Hats, T-Shirts and mousepads.  At theses venues we also sell a complete line of computer and electronic merchandise. 


In 2007, We added Workman Electronics to our vendor resources.  Shop their website and contact us for your order and we will give you a quote.  We also have a professional working relationship with Dickerson Antenna and Tower. For all of your tower needs contact Brian Dickerson at


We invite you to try any of our services and products.  We strive to work with our clients to serve their needs and we place our reputation of quality, hard working and experiences to work for you. At Radio Engineering And Consulting Team, we react2u.  The client is always our first priority.






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